National Artistic Portfolio Training SPRING/ SUMMER 2015

So even though its minus freezing temperatures outside and the snow is building… our lovely Donna Dolphy is jetting off to Montreal from February 9th until the 11th for a rejuvenation in all things HAIR> Hair Cuts, Hair Color, Hair Trends…

IT is always fun especially when Donna Dolphy comes back and inspires us with the NEW and TRENDING in Hair.

And oh my goodness… Can we say Spring/ Summer AGAIN?! I can not wait until it begins to warm up. That is all the inspiration we need to dress up and make over our hair, eh?

BOOK your appointment in February. GET yourself a Non Kissing Blow Dry in time for V-DAY.

PS> All the MEN out there don’t receive enough love on V-Day…. sooo LADIES with a special someone, get him a Gift Certificate for a haircut. They will be happy and you will LOVE it guaranteed!

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