Donna Dolphy Hair is obsessed with Balayage Highlgihts for Spring/ Summer 2015! The random and artistic placement of highlights to create a more natural sun-kissed look is manageable and cost effective for clients. How so? Well the highlights don’t typically start from the root so you literally don’t spend half as much as you would with the standard highlights which need to be retouched every 4 weeks because the root to light can be so drastic.

Balayage takes over from where the root-to-tip-highlight failed, creating a more natural sun-kissed highlight that is literally painted on by your color specialist in places where the sun would normally cast a warm glow.

balayageThis look is for everyone, seriously. Anyone can pull this off, don’t have any reservations, trust the professionals and give it a try!

We have  a great special for new clients…

Balayage Highlights & Dusty Shag Haircut for $109.99

Book with us by calling 416-546-7059 or fill out your desired appointment date through the contact page of this website. We look forward to your transformation 🙂

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