I have talked about this before when Spring hit Toronto, but let’s just go over this once again… because its unraveling to be the hottest trend of the summer season. The Long Bob a.k.a. the ‘Lob’ is trending this Tuesday. All the biggest stars and artists are chopping off their locks for the latest style. Kim Kardashian is a perfect example of this look.


The Lob is going strong as ever, with stars like Emma Stone and Naomi Watts looking edgy at the Oscars earlier this year. It almost tends to have an A-line feel to it, a little higher in the back and coming down in the front. Also having a thickness at the bottom to create a natural fullness.

The bohemian trends is slowly going away, as the polished lob enters, with colors that go from naturals to highlights in the lovely pastel pinks, purples and blue’s. IF that is too bold, then some subtle hand painted shaded highlights will do you justice and give you the natural sun-kissed appeal.

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lob1 lob3 lob4 lob5

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