Toronto Blogger gets Vogue Inspired Hair Style by Donna Dolphy

Inspired by British VOGUE December 2015… Raymi Lauren White also known as Raymi the Minx  visited to get an amazing cut, colour and style.

These pictures from the story about Raymi visiting Donna Dolphy on Raymi Toronto Dec 2015

Raymi likes how I do her hair,

This hairstyle was inspired by these images below,

After consultation we selected a style reference from the colorful editorial pages of British VOGUE in the December Issue of 2015.  We were inspired by the colours and also the look and feel of the piece.


Inspired by the colors, Donna Dolphy recreated Raymi’s look by toning her hair a beautiful copper hue and then hand painted highlights for added dimension.

vogue2 vogue3

And then VOILA … The finished look we were all so happy with!


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