We do find a few braids here and there but they are nowhere near as popular as we would like them to be. However, the simplicity of the Lanvin braided hairstyles certainly appeals to our senses and this is a look that we can rock on any odd day, whether at work or out on a date in town. The simple looks also extended to messy plaits that fell down the back with skinny black ribbons finishing them off. It is a bit of an urban vibe to it that makes it hard to ignore. Those braids make up pigtails when it comes to the I’m Isola Marras girls, with their lightly flushed lips and naturally make-up free faces.

Even the strange looks on the Givenchy runway were complemented with slicked back hair pulled into looped plaits. The Giles hair was in low plaits with strands of loose hair pulled out around the temples for added texture. Mara Hoffman’s intergalactic braids inspired by the Star Wars series had us grinning at the references and the memories that washed over us while the models passed on by. Tiny braids were also added to the hair of the models at Zero + Maria Cornejo and Herve Leger.

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