Now opening Monday’s for hair extension services

Now opening Monday’s for hair extension services

Extensions can take your look to the next level this holiday season, whether you’re lacking length, looking for more volume, or just to add a touch of colour for that extra sparkle. Come visit us during the month of December for a consultation on which of our many hair extension options are right for you.

With all the hair extension options now available on the market, it may be hard to choose. Whether you want to go semi-permanent or temporary, strand-by-strand or weft. Here is our little cheat sheet of what is available.


Weft Hair Extensions

This type of extension is optimal for coarse, thick or curly hair types. The hair is braided to allow for the weft to be sewn on with a needle and thread. This is a great method to add volume to hair for those who don’t want to use any glue or heat during application or want a dramatic change in length.



Tape Extensions

Tape Extensions are the new kid on the block and are perfect for people with thin hair, when applied correctly. This method also requires no heat during application and, if the hair is cared for properly, can be reused.




Fusion Extensions – Hot & Cold

Keratin Bond/Hot Fusion

With this method, heat is required during the application process and it is a better option for those with coarse or thick hair. The Keratin tip bonds lined with silicone adheres to small strands with a heat tool close to the root of the hair. The silicone tip also creates a barrier to protect the hair and the bonds are spaced even throughout to give natural movement to the hair. These extensions can last up to 6 months but do require proper maintenance, and the application can take some time.



Micro-Links/Cold Fusion

This extension method will give you the same naturally movement as Keratin Bonds, without any heat. Small strands of hair are pulled through the bead and then secured with a silicone-lined cylinder which protects the hair. This application can take a while to apply but can last 6 months with proper maintenance.



Clip-ins are the perfect option to test if you are not ready to commit to daily-wear of extensions or want to add temporary volume or length for a special occasion. Not ideal for those with thin hair and they need to be removed daily, which is very simple and low maintenance. All our Clip-ins are custom made to fit the volume and length you want


Whatever method you choose, we will now be open on Monday’s for pre-booked extension consultations and services, and in the spirit of giving, you will receive $50 off your installation. This includes re-installations of human hair, and why not get a colour service to help bring your extensions back to life? We look forward to booking you an appointment.

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