Donna Dolphy's Non-Kissing Blow Dry

By Donna Dolphy

Donna Dolphy's Non-Kissing Blow Dry

My signature Blow, Dry Non-Kissing / Non-kissing Blow technique is a practical way of teaching smooth, the volume of textures inspired by Red runway carpet or the latest hair finish in Hollywood.

 On my travels has a hairstylist, and at home, I realize there is a quenching need to change how we blow-drying hair.  My goal and I desire it’s a chance one of your statuses at a time To learn and learn and to relearn

non-kissing came to me while teaching at George brown college in
the late 90s.  I develop this technique with my partner at L'Oréal Professional, 
None Kissing mean No touching and damaging the hair with the blower while blown drying. My Non-Kissing Blow Dry Technique is a natural oxidation process that respects the integrity of the hair fibre while  adding  extra shine. It provides long-lasting softness while enhancing shape and volume to the hair. And use th e entire line from L'Oreal professional products  

I am honoured that there is a long list of hair salons and hairstylists offering a perfect blow out after learning the technique in one of my many Masterclasses.