Hair Stylist Chair RENTAL Opportunity

By Donna Dolphy

Hair Stylist Chair RENTAL Opportunity

Are you a Hair Stylist with an entrepreneurial spirit?

Do you dream of growing your OWN salon business? And you just need the right VENUE to do that?

Our chair RENTAL Opportunity is designed just for you, the  stylists that desire to be the best.

We have 1 chair available in Toronto’s trendy & sophisticated neighborhood, Yorkville. Here, there is a salon ambience already fitted out for an upscale clientele.

With this rare opportunity, not only can you build your own business, you can grow to be a Top Entrepreneur Stylist too because you work beside an award winning stylist., Donna Dolphy.  Soon you will be outperforming in all aspects of colour, styling and cutting.

This  opportunity at Donna Dolphy Hair will allow you to realize YOUR personal growth, grow your clients AND work every day in a beautiful space designated to you in the upscale Yorkville area.

If YOU have honesty, integrity, and the ability to sell yourself every day, then your DREAM salon is just a phone call away!

Contact Donna Dolphy Hair TODAY at 416.546.7059  for  your chair rental opportunity